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Building technology-based products that are designed to have a meaningful impact on human performance, wellness and health is hard, very hard! 


The technology is still maturing, hardware and app-based business models are challenging, and trying to compel people to keep using a device or an app for more than a week or two still eludes many companies.

However, with these challenges comes the possibility of making a positive impact on peoples' lives. Never before has the been such an opportunity to improve human health, fitness, happiness and overall thriving.  This is why we love this space so much.

Building impactful products in this space requires a broad set of expertise and experience spanning technology, human physiology, behavioral science and product/business strategy. We are a "collaborative" of experts who bring the right mix of experience and expertise to conceptualize, build and launch successful products that drive sustained engagement and have a real impact on human thriving.   

Path Collaborative is a consulting and research firm helping companies conceptualize, build and launch impactful products designed to improve human performance, wellness and health.

"I can't recommend Path Collaborative highly enough. They are second to none in project planning and execution and, most importantly, their deliverables outshine those of any other partner we have worked with in the areas of strategy, market analysis and go to market planning. We prefer our partners to become an extension of our team and Path Collaborative definitely fits the bill."
- Tommi Pyykönen, COO at ŌURA

Who we are

Finding and capitalizing on new opportunities today requires a wide range of expertise and experience. We are a diverse group comprised of technologists, business strategists, behavioral scientists, and researchers. 

At the core is the "collaborative" - a group of veterans from industry that each bring important expertise and capabilities.  

Dan Ledger

Dan Ledger (Founder)

Dan brings almost a decade of leading research and strategy consulting projects in this space. He has both technical and business backgrounds, and deep expertise in wearable technology.  

Kevin Bickart

Dr. Kevin Bickart

Kevin is a neuroscientist at Stanford with deep academic and industry experience. Kevin's focus is leveraging brain science and non-invasive technology to measure and motivate human thriving. 

Steph Habif

Dr. Steph Habif

Steph is a behavioral scientist and behavioral designer with decades of experience helping companies design for sustained engagement. Steph is also a senior strategist at the Design Lab at UC San Diego.

Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper

Ben is a seasoned product developer with extensive experience in the apparel and smart fabric world. Ben formerly lead product innovation research at apparel company, VF Corp. Ben is the founder of IoClothes.

Kevin Callahan

Kevin Callahan

Kevin co-founded MapMyFitness and also ran innovation at Under Armour following MMF's acquisition. Kevin has deep expertise in digital product strategy related to fitness, health and wellness.

Jeff Philips

Dr. Jeff Philips

Jeff is a practicing physician at Partners Healthcare. He was worked extensively using and testing consumer-oriented wearable technology in clinical settings.

A typical project will include one or more members of the "collaborative" depending on the expertise that is needed.  Project teams also include additional researchers, consultants, and others as needed.

How we help

We help our clients with a broad range of questions and challenges. Generally, our projects tend to fall into three areas:

Identifying whitespace opportunities

Defining novel products and services

Go-to-market planning

  • What types of opportunities are emerging as a result of changing technologies, business models and user behaviors? 

  • What other organizations are helping to drive these changes? Where should we be looking to partner?

  • How are these opportunities poised to evolve?  Where should we be focused?

  • How can we leverage our own assets in the process to create stronger differentiation?

  • Who are we targeting and what are their needs? 

  • What should we go build?What's the value proposition? How do we build something people will stick with?

  • What does our competition look like? How will we differentiate? How do we position ourselves to compete effectively?

  • With whom can / should we partner with and how will we work together?
  • What is the business model? What type of growth can we expect?

  • How should we segment our market?  Which segments should we target and why?  How do we reach these segments?

  • How do we tell a unique  story around this product?  How does this story change for our target segments?

  • Who could we work with to create a broader reach?  How would such a partnership work?

  • What risks do we face and how do we mitigate them?

Our clients are companies both large and small that are striving to push the envelope and create more impactful products and services.  

Wearable device OEMs
Connected health companies
Professional sports teams
Apparel companies
Service providers
Component and material suppliers

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